Study Program for International Students Office

The Study Program for International Students (SPIS) offers non-English and non-Filipino speaking students a special curriculum designed to prepare them for the demands of the regular classes in DLSZ.  The curriculum is tailored to the specific needs of these students with emphasis on the four macro skills in the target language (English ) interwoven in all subject areas, namely; Science, Mathematics, Social Studies,  Physical Education, Art, Music and THELE. Filipino and Christian Living are offered as special subjects to help students acquire Lasallian values  and appreciate Filipino culture.

  Classification of Students

  • Full- time students in the Study Program for International Students Program
    •     attend classes the whole school year from June to March
    •     are eligible for promotions for the next grade level or to the mainstream
    •     can only stay in the program for two years

  • Students in the Sit- in Program
    •     attend whole day classes in the prescribed grade for a month or two
    •     will receive a certificate of participation/ attendance

  • Students under the Visiting Program
    •   attend intensive English classes (Language, Reading, Speech and Writing) designed to their specific    needs for one month
    •   attend special subject classes (Art, PE, Music, THELE) in the regular SPIS classes
    •  will receive a certificate of participation.
A maximum of 10 students per class is strictly followed in the program to ensure highly individualized instruction.
Classes are held daily at the Vaugirard and Division 1 Lower ground from 8:00am to 2:00pm for Grades 1 and 2, and 8:00am to 3:00pm for Grades 3 to Grades 7.