Services Offered

The DLSZ School Counseling Center assists the students through the following services:

  • Individual Inventory – This involves a systematic accumulation of meaningful information in recorded forms. These are attained through interviews, standardized test results, academic records, personal data forms and rating scales.
  • Counseling – This is considered the heart of the school counseling center; counseling by groups or individually enables the students to discover their strengths and limitations, explore options and solutions available to a problem to make the necessary adjustments.
  • Interviews – Interviews are conducted to gather information about the individual student. This is carried out through initial, routine, and exit interviews.
  • Psychological Assessment – Standardized paper and pencil or performance tests are administered to students and teachers by the IPA. The school counselors assist in the dissemination and interpretation of the test results.
  • Consultation – This involves regular collaboration with administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and co-counselors that is held for referral, counseling and follow-up purposes. The school counselors are also in constant consultation with the administrators on related matters that require institutional and departmental decision-making.
  • Referrals – Students requiring special attention are directed to the level counselor after consultation between counselor and parents, teachers, and/or administrators. Cases needing further intervention are referred to a psychologist, psychiatrist and/or other allied specialists.
  • Guidance Classes – Individual abilities for leadership, decision-making, personal-psychological and social adjustment are tapped through regular group activities during guidance classes. Career guidance sessions for maximum development of potentials of students are conducted in the high school level.
  • Information – Students avail of informational materials for a realistic background of schools/colleges/universities here and abroad, including the requirements and policies for admission and scholarships offered.
  • Placement – This refers to student admissions and college placement through standardized testing procedures, interviews and other relevant screening procedures.
  • Follow-Up – Information is secured from the graduates, concerning the strengths and weaknesses of the total school program.