Scholarships for Children of Military Personnel

Pursuant to PD 577 and PD 1687, the school shall be granting scholarships to children of military personnel as stipulated below:

  • Presidential Decree 577 (PD 577) Scholarship – For any one child of a military personnel who has died or was incapacitated in line of duty.
  • Presidential Decree 1687 (PD 1687) Scholarship – For any one child of a military personnel who has been awarded medal of valor.


          1. To access the online application form, register at

2.  Fill out the online application form and click Submit.  You will receive an email containing confirmation of  submission and further instructions to pursue application

3. Submit the following required documents to the Advancement and Communications Office (2F St. Br. Mutien Marie Bldg.) to complete your scholarship application

a. Photocopy of student’s current report card 

b. Letter of Intent by Parent/Guardian/Applicant 

c. Latest Income Tax Return/Certificate of income (issued by the employer/s of the parents/guardians) or for self-employed, a certificate of Registration of Business Enterprise issued by the relevant local or national government agency) 

d. Electric Bill (MERALCO) for the last 3 months


For a student to be granted this scholarship, he/she should:

  1. have passed the entrance test and submitted a certificate of good moral character endorsed by the school principal
  2. submit supporting documents like death certificate of parent, endorsement from the Military Authorities
  3. satisfy the following Grade requirement:
    1. GPA of 85% with no final grade lower than 80% in any subject
    2. Conduct/Homeroom/Club Activity grade of at least B in any term