Br. Ceci Hojilla FSC Athletic Scholarship

The Br. Ceci Hojilla FSC Athletic Scholarship is open to Grade 8 - Grade 12 students who exhibit exceptional skill in any sport.

General Reminder: The SFAP Committee will only process scholarship applications made online. Please follow the procedures stated below: 


1. To access the online application form, register at

2.  Fill out the online application form and click Submit.  You will receive an email containing confirmation of                  submission and further instructions to pursue application

3. Submit the following required documents to the Advancement and Communications Office (2F St. Br. Mutien           Marie Bldg.) to complete your scholarship application

a. Photocopy of student’s current report card 

          b. Letter of Intent by Parent/Guardian/Applicant with student's list of achievements

          c. For incoming Grade 11 students: copy/proof of application for Senior High School Voucher Program

          d. one 2x2 photo (for new applicants only)


        1. For a student to be granted this scholarship, he/she must: 

              a. have at least one year residency in DLSZ

    b. be a member of any DLSZ varsity team;

    c. have shown outstanding performance in his/her respective event during the previous school year as                         evidenced by certificates, medals, trophies or other proof of achievement; 

    d. have a GPA of 80% with no final grade lower than 75% in any subject; 
        For Senior High School students:  GPA of 80% and a final grade of 75% in every subject per term

    e. have a Conduct/Homeroom/Club Activity grade of at least B in every term;  

2. New applicants to the scholarship grant may only avail of 10% - 15% tuition discount. However, he/she may be       granted a higher tuition discount corresponding to the given athletic achievement.

3. Previous scholars may be granted 20% - 75% tuition discount. 

Grading components:

Ability                                                30%

Attitude                                              25%

Attendance during performance        25%

Attendance during practices              20%

                        TOTAL                      100%


A grantee should not exceed more than one (1) absence in any official tournament and not more than three (3) absences during practice sessions.

In case of absence, he/she should submit to the Sports Development Office a medical certificate duly signed by a physician and other pertinent documents.

If a grantee exceeds the maximum allowable absence in competitions and practices during the school year and obtains Conduct/Homeroom/ Club Activity lower than B, he/she will lose the scholarship grant or the remaining balance of the grant for the rest of the term.


The grantee should have exhibited exceptional ability in his/her chosen field of sports.


A member should exhibit good conduct during practices and performances.

A member should show respect to the coaches, the coaching staff, team captain, and co-players

Note: The athlete’s rating in Attendance, Ability, and Attitude is to be recommended by the respective coaches, endorsed by the Head of the Sports Development Office and subject for approval by the Scholarship and Financial Assistance Program Committee members.