Grading System for Performing Arts

A grantee must obtain the required rating in each area to maintain his/her scholarship.

Ability                                           '35%
Attendance during practices        '25%
Attendance during performances '25%
Attitude                                         15%
                TOTAL                         100%

  • Seniority in membership is given consideration in terms of increase in percentage discount.
  • The percentage to be awarded to the recipient shall be computed based on the available scholarship fund for the school year.


For members of the Music groups

Virtuosity                 '15% (interpretation of music and breathing techniques)
Note Reading           10% (correct pitch and volume of notes)
Tone Quality             10% (produce natural and good sound)
     TOTAL                35%


A grantee should not incur more than one absence in actual performance and not more than 3 absences during practices.


A member is graded in the following categories:

Decorum during practices             10%
Decorum during performances        5%
                 TOTAL                         15%

  •  A member should exhibit good conduct during practices and performances.
  •  Only when a member obtains a passing mark in attendance that the grades for ability and attitude are considered.
  •  If a member exceeds the maximum allowable absence for performances and practices during the school year and obtains Conduct/Homeroom/ Club Activity lower than B, he/she will lose the scholarship grant or the remaining balance of the grant for the rest of the term.