Criteria for Visual Arts

Criteria for Visual Arts:

For a student to be considered for this scholarship, he/she should manifest the following:

  •  Mastery in drawing figures with pencils and markers
  •  Knowledge of all mediums in art (e.g. oil, watercolor, pastel)
  •  Good color harmony - intuitive in color combination
  •  Significant knowledge of balance in design, in both figurative and non figurative designs
  •  Good moral character and working habits
  •  Passion with his/her craft
  •  Participation in exhibits and contests
  •  Patience and diligence towards the craft

Grading System

He/She is graded based on the following components:

Portfolio                                           ''30%
Punctuality in submission                 '25%
Contest Achievement                        25%
Participation in contests/exhibits       '10%
Attitude                                              '10%
                 TOTAL                            '100%