Scholarship and Financial Assistance


    In the 2004 Philippine Lasallian Convocation, the Philippine Lasallian Family agreed to step up efforts towards ensuring equitable access to Lasallian education. The De La Salle Schools were mandated to explore and implement initiatives that would allow needy current and prospective students to continue or pursue the holistic and quality education offered by Lasallian educational institutions.

    In line with the Convocation resolution, and an earlier Ministry Action Plan for the Lasallian Family Synod of 1999 to expand the access to Lasallian education, De La Salle Santiago Zobel (DLSZ) offers a number of student scholarship grants for students from the grade school and those in high school (incoming Grade 5 to Fourth Year High School).

    In this regard, DLSZ has formulated an expanded Scholarship and Financial Assistance Program (SFAP) with the following objectives:

  • To provide financial assistance to academically competent but financially challenged students and applicants
  • To provide incentives to those who show excellence in academics, the performing arts, leadership/community service, and sports.

The DLSZ Scholarship and Financial Assistance Program offers the following grants:

  • Br. V. Felix Masson FSC Student Financial Assistance
  • St. Br. Miguel Febres Cordero FSC Arts Scholarship
  • Br. Ceci Hojilla FSC Athletic Scholarship
  • Br. Andrew Gonzales FSC Academic Scholarship
  • Br. Rafael Donato FSC Leadership Scholarship
  • Debbie Decena Memorial Scholarship
  • Francis Luis B. Perlas Memorial Scholarship
  • Scholarship for Children of Military Personnel
  • Brother President Scholarship Program
  • Family Tuition Discount

  1. Scholarship grants may be availed after a year of residency in school corresponding to the level required for the type of scholarship.
  2. All scholarship grants are renewable every year.
  3. The Br. Andrew Gonzales Academic Scholarship grantees need not apply.
  4. Applicants to the Debbie Decena Memorial Scholarship should email the Debbie Decena Memorial Foundation President, Mr. Dennis Decena, at
  5. BPSP grantees may also apply in any scholarship except the Br. V. Felix Masson FSC Financial Assistance. 
  6. Only one (1) Student Financial Assistance is granted per family.
  7. Only one (1) applicant per family may be considered for each type of scholarship.
  8. The scholarship grant that provides the higher tuition discount will be considered and not the aggregate equivalent for those qualified to more than one type of grant.

You may apply online through the Family Portal. For further details, please contact the AdComm Office at (632)771DLSZ local 748.