Learning Resource Center

The De La Salle Santiago Zobel Learning Resource Center primarily supports the institution’s instructional, curricular and co-curricular programs through an organized, relevant, and fast delivery of information. The library will endeavor to contain the finest and most current technical and scientific information through collection development, modern computing, and state-of-the-art facilities that encourages the acquisition of knowledge and the love of reading.

Purposes and Functions of the Library

Thus, the library with its up-to-date collection and modern technology intends to:
  1. Acquire and organize books and other materials for effective teaching-learning activities in line with the demands of the curriculum and the needs of students.

  2. Guide students in their choice of reading materials for learning suited to both personal and curriculum purposes.

  3. Help students establish a wider range of significant interests to develop their appreciation for the arts.

  4. Orient students on proper use of the LRC resource that will inculcate the value of reading as a life long habit and that will make them independent users of the library.

  5. Provide adequate technical and specialized study materials needed to keep the faculty abreast with modern technology in their field of specialization.

  6. Train students become more critical and effective users of the library.

  7. Provide access to information technologies, print resources, and systems which help students and teachers increase academic achievement.

Objectives of the Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center is a service center, an academic institution for teaching, and a place conducive to learning. The LRC has endeavored to function with the following as guiding objectives:
  1. To procure a well-organized resources and participate effectively in the school program as it strives to meet the needs of the students, teachers, administrators and other members of the school community in the pursuit of relevant and excellent academic program.

  2. To acquaint different sectors of the community to utilize the different LRC resources effectively and efficiently and become independent researchers and users of the LRC.

  3. To help students become skillful and discernful users of all forms of available materials in school and acquire desirable social attitude and responsibility that will help them in their spiritual and moral development.

  4. To guide students in the promotion of an enriched Filipino culture by providing resources rich with information on nationalism, social justice, and responsibility.